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1600 Series
16" Horizontal Beam Optical Comparator

The 1600 Series 16" Erect Image Horizontal Beam Optical Comparator features a more rugged structure, a 7" x 12" travel measuring stage with gothic arch bearing ways. Over 60 years experience manufacturing optical comparators in the U.S., combined with its worldwide service organization makes S-T Optical Comparators your best buy.

1600 Series 16


Standard Features:

Nickel plated 5" X 20" top plate with 2 std. clamping slots, 7" (Y) x 12" (X), travel with a 150 lb. work load capacity, exclusive gothic arch bearing ways, .00005"/.001mm Acu-Rite glass scales, quick release on X- axis. True +/- 15° helix adjustment on stage in 5 min. increments. Swing away lamp house allows you to inspect extra long parts. Rotating glass screen with chart clips and digital readout protractor and duplex high intensity surface illumination. Optional 7" x 16" travel stage.

Digital Readouts:

Quadra-Chek 221 and 221E
These powerful digital readouts provide fast geometric computations in a simple, easy to use format. Functions include point, line, circle, distance, angle, skew alignment and Measure Magic. Other features include Inch/MM, Cartesian/Polar, nearest/farthest distance, complimentary angles, serial and parallel ports and 200-feature memory. Large, high contrast LCD screen graphically displays measurement features and construction. Housing tilts backward or forward for best angle of operation. Model 221E includes fiber optic edge sensor.
Standard Digital Readout
The Standard digital readout features absolute/incremental, IN/MM conversion, random zeroing, RS232C output, linear
error compensation and Q axis for digital screen protractor.
Quadra-Chek 5215
PC computer based geometric readout system, mouse driven,
with on screen graphic representation of part or part segment as it is measured. Simple CAD interface simplifies constructions and part programming. Unlimited part and feature memory. Includes computer with Microsoft® Windows®, fiber optic edge sensor and all functions found in the Quadra-Chek 200.

Features & Specifications:

20-1600-01 with S-T 7000 DRO
20-1600-02 with QC 221 DRO
20-1600-03 with QC 221E DRO, Edge Sensing
20-1600-05 with QC 5215 DRO, Edge Sensing
NOTE: the 1600 Series is also available with X - Y motor drives and full CNC controls

20-1620-00 5 x Lens 20-1615-00 25 x Lens
20-1610-00 10 x Lens 20-1618-00 50 x Lens
20-1613-00 20 x Lens 20-1621-00 100 x Lens


1600 Series Specifications

Work Table: 5" x 20" (125 x 500 mm)
Measuring Range: 7" x 12" (175 x 300 mm)
Optional 7" x 16" (175 x 400 mm)
Allowable Work Load on Stage: 150 lbs. (65 kg)
Illumination: Profile - 150w, Surface - 150w x 2
Focus Travel: 3" (75 mm)
Screen Size: 16" (400 mm)
Helix: +/- 15 degrees
Electrical: 100-240v, 50/60hz
Weight: 500 lbs. (225 kg) - Crated 600 lbs. (270 kg