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Microhite 3D Reflex

MACHINE PACKAGE::                                          Swiss made High accuracy CMM

    Machine X=18 Y=20 Z=16
    TESA Display Electronics System                      
    Monochrome Monitor (1/4 VGA)
    Support Arm
    TESA Reflex Software 
    Smart Card Program Storage 
    Hard Ball Probe
    TESA STAR Touch Trigger Probe/PS1-11R
    Qualification Sphere
    Air Filter/Regulator
    Instructions/Operations Manual  


   Package    $17,770.00

   *Lease It ! $ 380.00 per/mon 

 *60 month lease, first & last payment in advance  $1 dollar buyout










32-Point Star: ST 14" Vertical with 10X Lens




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  32-Point Star: ST 16" Horizontal with 10X Lens Call