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The TESA Scan provides the optimum solution for the measurement of cylindrical parts.  A new generation of ultra high speed non-contact measuring machines. This fully automatic, flexible measuring system with a powerful measurement capability satisfies the inspection requirements of the most precise round part applications.

TESA Scan  offers  part manufacturer a more capable, CNC alternative to traditional hand tools and optical projector methods of inspection and can be used directly in the production area. With rapid inspection and set-up times the system can be integrated within the overall manufacturing process and is suitable for one off, sample and 100% inspection.

The industrial strength software "Pro-Measure" further enhances the overall flexibility of TESA Scan . This highly intuitive package, easily satisfies each stage of the inspection process, and the time from part program creation to CNC component measurement is only a matter of minutes.

Product Specs Profile 25 (Bench Top)

Measuring Capacity
Diameter: 25mm (1")
Length: 200mm (8")

                                      AccuracyDiameter: 1.5+(0.01D)Ám (0.06+0.01D)/1000"

                                      Length: 6+(0.01L)Ám (0.24+0.01L)/1000"


Product Specs Profile 50 (Bench Top)

Measuring Capacity
Diameter: 50mm (1.96")
Length: 275mm (10.8")

Diameter: 2+(0.01D)Ám (0.08+0.01D)/1000"

Length: 7+(0.01L)Ám (0.28+0.01L)/1000"



Product Specs Profile 80 (Bench Top)

Measuring Capacity Accuracy
Diameter: 80mm (3.1") Diameter: 1.5+(0.01D)Ám (0.06+0.01D)/1000"
Length: 350mm (13.8") Length: 7+(0.01L)Ám (0.28+0.01L)/1000"

Profile 80E (Bench Top)Measuring Capacity Accuracy
Diameter: 80mm (3.1") Diameter: 1.5+(0.01D)Ám (0.06+0.01D)/1000"
  Length: 500mm (19.7") Length: 7+(0.01L)Ám (0.28+0.01L)/1000




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