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The innovative TESAVISIO 300 vision measuring system is available in three models, two manual and one DCC.  Each systems measurement range is 300 mm x 200 mm in (X-Y) x 150 mm range in the Z-axis.

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TESA-VISIO 300 Features
  • Pre-stressed carriages mounted on ultra-precise monorails
  • Linear encoders mounted an each axis
  • Encoder resolution (X/Y/Z) 0.05 m
  • Red laser pointer- helps locating features to be checked
  • Long lasting LED light sources
  • Transmitted light produced by a green LED with programmable light intensity
  • Reflected light (ring light) created by Fresnel lens consisting of a dual line of 24 white LEDs. An additional ring light fragmented into 4 segments is also available. Both ring lights are programmable
  • A programmable coaxial light (white LED) can be supplied for use in conjunction with the motorized zoom
  • High resolution color camera
  • Optional 75 mm or 150 mm height extensions allow easy inspection of large workpieces
  • Both manual and DCC VISION models are available with a 0.7X to 4.5X motorized zoom
  • The software includes a zoom calibration routine
  • The TESA-VISTA manual model with TESA-VISTA software is available with a 2X telecentric fixed objective

Product Specs

Video machine TESA-VISIO 300 TESA-VISIO 300 TESA-VISIO 300 DCC
Software TESA-VISTA PCDmis PCDmis
Machine version Manual Manual Motorised
Measuring spans X/Y (mm) 300 x 200 300 x 200 300 x 200
Measuring span Z (mm) 150 150 150
DC servomotors X/Y/Z
X and Y quick release system
Manual focus, coarse and fine settings
Profile illumination with 1 green LED
X/Y-Accuracy at 20C 3+10L/1000 3+10L/1000 2,4+4L/1000
Z-Accuracy at 20C 3+2L/100* 3+2L/100* 3+1L/100*
Encoder resolution (X/Y/Z) 0.05 m 0.05 m 0.05 m
High-resolution color camera
Red laser pointer
Max. perm. load (in the middle of the stage) 16 kg 16 kg 16 kg
Size (monitor and PC not included) (LxHxD in mm) 680 x 990 x 800 680 x 990 x 800 680 x 990 x 800
Weight (monitor and PC not included) 78 kg 78 kg 78 kg
Operating temperature range 20 2C 20 2C 20 2C
Power supply 115 to 220 Vac 10% 115 to 220 V 10% 115 to 220 V 10%

50 to 60 Hz 50 to 60 Hz 50 to 60 Hz
Z height extension, 75 mm (Z)
Z height extension, 150 mm (Z)
Touch Probe Option
DELL Computer GX 280, 512 MB, 2,53 GHz, 40 GB HD
DELL Monitor TFT, 15"
Touch screen monitor, 15"
DELL Monitor TFT, 17"
Keyboard according to language (FR, CH, DE, IT, ES, GB, USA, NO, SE, FI, DK)










PC-DMIS-Vision PRO (manual software)
PC-DMIS-Vision CAD (manual software)
PC-DMIS DCC PRO (motorized version)
PC-DMIS DCC CAD(motorized version)
Upgrade PC-DMIS PRO / CAD (manual software)










Video machine TESA-VISIO 300 TESA-VISIO 300 TESA-VISIO 300 DCC
Machine version Manual Manual Motorised
Motorized zoom
Motorized zoom with coaxial light (white LED)
Telecentric fixed objective, 2x
Lens, 0.5x
Lens, 0.75x
Lens, 1.5x**
Lens, 2x**






Ring light (48 white LEDs)
Fragmented ring light (4 x 90 programmable segments)

*Accuracy obtained with use of the motorized zoom at highest magnification on a textured surface
**Lens with magnifications 1.5x and 2x require the use of the zoom with coaxial light.

Not Available



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