Temco Tool Specialists, Inc.





DCC Machine Version:

On this system, the coordinate stages along with the vertical axis are displaced by means of DC servomotors and are user controlled by a joystick.  This allows the user to easily locate geometric features and provides for automatic motor driven execution of software driven part application programs.  The DCC model is also available with a touch probe option to assist the user with added measurement functionality.






Manual Machine Versions:

These two versions have a coordinate stage fitted with a quick release system in both the X and Y axes.  This system enables fast system displacements for locating the geometric features to be measured.  Disengageable wheel drives are used for quick motion in the Z-axis as well as fine setting for focusing the system.  TESAVISIO 300 manual models are available with either TESA-VISTA software or PC-DMIS VISION software.





         TESA SCAN                 

The TESA Scan  provides the optimum solution for the measurement of l cylindrical parts . TESA Scan A the new generation of ultra high speed non-contact measuring machines. This fully automatic, flexible measuring system with a powerful measurement capability satisfies the inspection requirements of the most precise round part applications.